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Masks of Self

In a world perennially preoccupied with the quest for identity, this project, "Masks of Self," seeks to explore the intricate layers that make-up our being. The essence of identity and the intrinsic role of masks—both literal and metaphorical—serve as the focal points of inquiry. Inspired by the pioneering works of Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun, this project navigates the complexities of self-representation and the multifaceted layers of identity that photography can unearth. At its core, the collection embodies a series of self-portraits and images of acquaintances, all donning masks, yet each narrative diverges at the juncture of personal and collective identity exploration.

Each frame seeks to unveil the profound truth that photography, much like a mask, both reveals and conceals, offering a paradoxical glimpse into the essence of our identity. This series of photographs is not merely an artistic endeavour but a deeply personal pilgrimage towards understanding the multifaceted natures of selfhood and connection. It is an invitation to contemplate our own veils and discover the raw, vulnerable beauty that lies beneath.

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